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Naruto son of hashirama senju fanfiction

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Naruto Shippuden: Legacy Of The Senju, Uzumaki, & Namikaze Clans

Remember Me. My take on the Naruto universe and lore, a world where there is a distinct line between the elite and the rest, where the Uchiha clan is facing consequences of their blood, where the Senju clan is still well and alive with active members, where Tsunade never left Konoha A world that is not black and white, a world where growing up sometimes means killing people Madara is dead, Hashirama's sword through his chest, his heart, a deadly wound from which not even he could escape.

His flame has burned to an ember and only ashes are left. But Madara is so much more than a little flame and he reminds the world with a piercing cry as he rises again. Warning: hint of nonexplicit MadaTobi mostly Madara nudity, major character death, typical Konoha crazy, swearing.

Gaara just wanted a chance to find her feet. It was a new city, a new start. But things in her life have a way of turning awry. Bound to a mysterious demon as its contractor, destined to fight against the forces of a dark god invading their land, she finds herself on a collision path with a very powerful contractor — Uchiha Madara.

Not all is as it seems though, and enemies have a habit of lurking in places unseen. The day Tobirama died happens earlier, during Hashirama's time as Hokage when they are at war with almost every new village but years after Madara's death. Only he didn't die. He somehow ended up in a time not his own and met a familiar face he though gone forever. Can he get back? And what of his new friend? Naruto has always wanted to be the Hokage but does he really understand what it means to wear the Hokage's hat?

Who better to teach him than the First Hokage himself! Only, he's not the Hokage yet, he hasn't even built Konoha Time Travel. Sakura never meant for it to happen. He never meant to wind up collecting small, helpless omegas like Tsunade collected sake either. But he did, and now he has to pay the price — because each of those small omegas has their own past and their own goals.

He was an omega caught out of his time and depth. She was the terrifying alpha of the Uchiha Clan. He takes Obito. Izuna saw this coming. No one in their right mind would sleep in a room full of psychiatric patients; the fact that they were all there, however, implied that without a shadow of a doubt none of them were sane so perhaps the question was really superfluous. Sakura returns home early from a grueling business trip in Suna and takes the time to surprise her beloved only to bear witness to a betrayal she never expected.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Madara has been waiting desperately for the day he can use the jutsu that may guide him to his soulmate and everything that could be between them.

naruto son of hashirama senju fanfiction

Touka never knew such a thing existed, and hesitates to voice how very much she wants what it offers. Despite his best efforts Madara doesn't quite make it on time. At least she's not too upset about it. Madara comes home at the end of an aggravatingly busy, yet dull day to find his lover awaiting him with a quite pleasurable surprise. Most everyone in Konoha went along their merry business, forever unaware of the gigantic soft spot Madara kept hidden from the world.

Without the war, Madara had difficulty finding where he belonged - until the day it all fell into place. Touka has been breaking out of and dodging Sharingan genjutsu her entire life; now that she has a safe avenue to find out more about them, she's curious - just how different are they from the ones she uses herself?

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. She grew in her brothers' shadows unchecked—and when they finally noticed, she'd become wild and unstoppable as a weed. SI OC fic.

He ends up in another world, where he died early and his brother has taken to peace through forceful means. Hashirama is thrilled to have a version of his brother back in his life and determined to convince him to stay.

Tobirama is wary of this more forceful version of his brother, but slowly warms up to him. A bunch of random Ideas and shorts centering around our favorite Albino Senju. Updates will be random, just a forewarning. In which Sakura was born a prodigy a long time ago as the heiress to her clan that specialized in medical chakra. Dreams of becoming the best medic-nin with the help of her grandmother. Years later, she suffered a great loss. And she keeps on losing. And when a white-haired Nidaime accepted her to the village hidden in the leaves, she began to heal.

Because the title of best medical ninja means little when all her loved one keeps dying. The Butterfly effect is a terrifying thing to contemplate; a small change resulting in a disastrous chain reaction of unintentional consequences.

Imagine a time traveler, saving a soldier's life that should've died a forgotten war hero. Lots of people being used as nothing more than breeding toys and stress relief. The war is over.

naruto son of hashirama senju fanfiction

Tobirama ended it when he put his sword through Izuna's center mass. But where war had united the Senju behind their leader, peace threatened to tear them apart. And who better for the warmongers to look to as a leader than the greatest killer of Uchiha they had ever seen? There were only two problems with that plan.AN: As you can tell I changed Tsunade's age a little bit; she is a tad bit older in this story; other questions about other characters will be explained in due time.

It was another 10 minutes until the ANBU awoke Hiruzen from his slumber; Naruto did not mind as he was sitting on the chair by the desk smiling waiting for him to get vertical again. A groan is heard as Sarutobi grasps his head then looks to see Naruto being calm and collected like he always was.

Please, take a seat my friend and let me discuss why I had to seal myself in my father's scroll. Sarutobi nods and signals his ANBU back to their posts then sets up a barrier seal so that no secrets could be spilled. As Sarutobi takes a seat he asks a question "Why did you not tell me what your plans were, why let me wallow in my guilt for so long? This mistake proved to be a blessing in disguise as the seal managed to let us peer into the future to an extent and what we saw made us realize that in order for the Elemental Nations to live on that I would need to retain my youth; due to this both Mito and I worked tirelessly to figure out how to do so.

As you can tell it worked and now here I am a set amount of years later but still looking like I am 18 years old. Tobirama and I discussed this before I sealed myself into the Scroll of Seals and he was saddened at the fact but knew it was for the best. How is Tobirama, Uzu, and the others; how many years has it been as you have not answered that question yet. Sarutobi sighs "You and Mito always had a knack for making the most interesting seals and I will not question you on how your seal is holding as I know you became an expert in seals at age fifteen.

Now, to answer your questions it has been fifty years since you disappeared and sadly, Tobirama died in battle just like Hashirama did. As for Uzu, it still stands and Tsunade wishes to see you again.

You know she prayed every day for your return; she is currently running our hospital if you want to meet her. Naruto bows his head in sadness "I would not mind seeing Tsunade again but I will do that later; as for Tobirama, it seems another bright flame has been extinguished and the cycle continues even as I slept.

Naruto sighs deeply "Can you get me up to speed on how Konoha is holding up; I would like to see if what Mito and I saw came to fruition. Sarutobi smiles sadly at Naruto "Konoha has been going downhill I am afraid and its mainly because I grew soft over the years and let the Civilian Council and my old friend Danzo gain power over me.

Indra VS Ashura(Full Fight/Story)

My advisors, Koharu and Homura, and I have attempted to gain back what is mine but I cannot seem to do so; maybe you can give a morale boost to this old village. Sarutobi does as told and laughs "The council is going to shit themselves seeing you again Naruto though they might see you as a young Hashirama from the history books.

Oh and this might piss you off but here is what the academy teaches nowadays. Sarutobi picks up a piece of paper from his desk and hands it over to Naruto who grabs it and reads over it then squashes the area with KI as silver chakra escapes from his body; the ANBU and Hiruzen drop to their knees at the overwhelming pressure.

Naruto lets up on it after taking a deep breath to stay calm "My father and Tobirama would be rolling in their graves if they saw this. What in the hell does learning history have to do with the ninja world; yes it is important to learn but focusing mostly on it and only having three jutsu to pass.

This sickens me to no end and I fear for what the genin of today have become. Sarutobi tugs on the collar of his robes letting air get through as he was sweating from Naruto's KI. Hashirama's legacy is back and I will show everyone what the Will of Fire truly is and will rekindle that flame that everyone used to have.

Sarutobi signals the ANBU "Call the council to order and tell them if they are not here in 10 minutes they can forfeit their seat! Everyone was seated around the table and was muttering about why this meeting was called; the room goes silent as Sarutobi enters with a gleam in his eye which the advisors and Clan heads catch. Sarutobi nods then proceeds to sit down "Recently, an old friend of mine came back from being missing and would love to chat with you especially the civilian side on matters that pertain to how you are undermining my authority which my advisors and I have worked to get back.

A civilian member sneers "Of course we usurped your power, as civilians you listen to us, plus we grow tiresome of having all these ninja around getting all these benefits and such while we get shit.AN: I just found out that there was a similar story done on this site by The Lone Swordswolf called The Second's Son; if any of his ideas they used happen to end up here it is purely coincidental. That said, I hope you all like the rewrite. The epic battle between Madara and Hashirama had ended, the landscape forever changed, the bond between two men that helped found Konoha forever broken.

Madara was presumed dead as his body was never found and the first jinchuriki to the Kyuubi was born. Mito, in her infinite knowledge of sealing, managed to seal the beast inside of her so that Hashirama could make one final push, one last ditch attempt to bring Madara down; the plan worked but the guilt weighed heavy on his conscious. Hashirama breathes heavily with a sad smile on his face "It's done Mito, the bond between us forever broken, his hatred snuffed but in turn my fire dims.

Mito walks up to her husband and gives him a hug "The will of fire will always burn strong within you my love and with it so will Konoha; you can lead our village to greatness I have faith in you. Hashirama smiles weakly and looks at the massive scar that now denotes where a battle between two God's took place; a place that was once a lake teeming with life now a basin with a waterfall at one end.

This place will forever show the end of one man's hatred, the end of a long bond between Madara and me, the end of the Land of Fire; where one man's dream of hatred fell while another's journey was just beginning.

Mito smiles and kisses Hashirama on the cheek "I am sorry it had to be this way, but what is done is done; come home with me Hashirama and let us both rule Konoha and show others what the will of fire truly is.

Hashirama turns and smiles at Mito "Your right, I cannot dwell in the past as the future is much brighter; come Mito, let's go home. A much brighter future it was as in that time Hashirama has let Konoha prosper and shown the Elemental Nations how strong the Land of Fire was and with it the Will of Fire that each Shinobi produced out of Konoha had.

Another bright spot in Mito and Hashirama's life was one year ago when they had a baby boy they called Naruto; although the seal that held Kyuubi at bay was weakened, it still held which was a relief to both of them. Naruto also brought much joy to Konoha and even though he was a year old, everyone saw him as Hashirama's legacy, a legacy to bring about future success to the Land of Fire. They did not know at the time how true those words would be.

Mito was sitting on the sofa in the family room breast feeding Naruto at the Senju compound listening to the 'coos' the black haired boy with black eyes and tan skin was making; it made Mito's heart melt. The front door is heard opening and Hashirama's voice soon follows.

Said boy stops breast feeding for a brief moment and looks at Hashirama and waves to him and produces a 'goo' then goes back to what he was doing. Mito giggles "You act so different when around Naruto you forgo that serious nature everyone usually sees you with and turn into a child again here at home. Hashirama shrugs and sits beside Mito "What can you say; having a family makes you do strange things.

Mito smiles as she hands Naruto over to him and buttons up her kimono again "Just fine but I'm not sure how long it will stay intact. A yell from Hashirama interrupts her thought process and looks over to see Naruto yanking her husbands' long black hair making her laugh. Naruto, don't pull on my hair like that and…OW!

Ugh, having a child is troublesome. Naruto and Hiruzen Sarutobi were out in the backyard of the Senju compound being trained by none other than Hashirama himself. Naruto and Hiruzen were both seven years of age born a month from each other; Naruto on January 18th while Sarutobi in February.

This was not the first year of training with the First Hokage, oh no, they started two years earlier and since then both have progressed quickly to the point where Hashirama thought they would be a force to be reckoned with down the road. Naruto pushed a punch from Hiruzen out of the way and attempted to elbow him in the solar plexus but Hiruzen grabbed it and flipped himself over Naruto's head landing on his feet behind him. Naruto turns as Hiruzen kicks at his ribs earning a hit making Naruto tumble a little but he recovers and sweeps low hoping to get his opponent off his feet but said person jumps over them; just as both were going to go in for another round Hashirama halts them.

I am proud of you both and have decided to test your elemental affinities so I can start you on ninjutsu training. Hashirama takes two sheets of paper out of his Hokage robes and hands them to Naruto and Hiruzen who takes them with a smile.

naruto son of hashirama senju fanfiction

If it cuts, you have wind, soggy is water, dust is earth, crinkled is lightning, and if it bursts into flame you have fire.Hey everyone Naruto Senju Ootsutsuki here with another chapter of the story.

Once again sorry for the long wait as its harder for me to write more chapters. I've been very busy but now I'm stuck at home a lot due to the virus outbreak. I don't have the virus thank god. But now thankfully i finally have more time to focus on the story. Hope you all enjoy it. Menma headed towards the door and gripped the handle when he heard a voice telling him to stop. He slowly turned his head to see Naruto turning his head towards him.

He could see a smile upon his fare, gentle face. His eyes were showing amounts of kindness with no amount of disdain and anger like he did the last time they met. Releasing the handle Menma walked towards the bed. His brother slowly sat up grunting a bit. I don't know what went wrong. You would have been trained to control it". Menma felt a little embarrassed but he had to agree with Naruto. He wasn't trained in the basics of controlling a tailed beast's chakra yet.

What's the point of having a jinchuuriki if they can't even control their power. My parents taught me the basics first before moving on to Ninjutsu and other stuff. I mastered low rank jutsus and I was good in taijutsu. My Fuinjutsu skills suck balls, and i suck at genjutsu. I needed to train my body before allowing the Kyuubi's chakra to flood my body. It takes more than just training your body.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. What happens when you throw the powers of two godlike beings, nine chakra demons, a couple of teenage dumbasses and multiple legendary dojutsu into a blender made from multiple competing space-time ninjutsu?

Hashirama Senju

A trip to the past and pure chaos. The God of Shinobi was a woman. Fan comic. Hashirama, Madara. Warnings for rape, violence. Based on the fic Birdsong. No one in their right mind would sleep in a room full of psychiatric patients; the fact that they were all there, however, implied that without a shadow of a doubt none of them were sane so perhaps the question was really superfluous.

Follow the misadventures of this four idiots who are trying to manage their life without killing somebody, strangling their soulmates, destroying the village or going completely crazy and failing miserably, or something like that. They talk a lot about everything, almost every moment spent together they talk: Hashirama leads the conversation and Madara hums, shakes his head and tosses lines here and there.

Kakashi is exiting his car when Iruka parks in the driveway so he rests against the still open door and watches as his husband grins at Naruto who shouts happily and waves his limbs from his position on the baby seat. A collection of one-shots that centers around the new generation of ninjas, their families, and their daily life.

The author is accepting prompts and requests. A drabble series, featuring retold events of a certain loud, big-hearted, and knuckleheaded ninja who changed the ninja world. How does the story proceed, when the surviving children of the Uchiha and Senju clan heads are all girls? She was always cold but Madara remembered a time, long ago, when she wasn't; when her fingers and feet, her nose and ears weren't so cold.

Hashirama was four the first time she met him, her hands dirty with sand and her nose covered with sunscreen. Since when did she think to have a family with him, as if a shinobi could watch their children grow old before war snatch them away? Since when did he fall for her, if a shinobi could truly fall for someone after killing their feelings?

Madara will never understand why Hashirama allows him to be so rough with her, to leave marks and bruises and bleeding bites. She even encouraged it, the idiot. For as long as she'd known, Itako's life had been dictated by a book.

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naruto son of hashirama senju fanfiction

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